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Advertising a form of promotion is very important form of and it marketing strategy and it as a result of development in marketing. Nowadays, no meaningful marketing can take place without the involvement of advertising. Advert is used as a tool of marketing strategy by forms in order to inform customers about the existence of a product.

Today, advertising as a strategy has taken very advanced forms. This is due to development in communication and information technology. In the past people where engaged indirect product, each product to satisfy his need only. Therefore, nobody cares to but to sale anything to anybody. But as time goes on and the society advance people start specialize in different jobs, there by exchanging goods with other for money rather than being “Jack of the Trade” with the aid of this development, therefore, many people produce in excess and search for buyer for their product. The need therefore, arose of marketing knowledge and the fact that many firm product identical product, make it necessary to employ promotional measures such as advertising to inform, educate and purchase a product. This is all with attempt to create demand and secure profitable sale, which is the use of promotional activities such as advertising.

Advertising occupies a paramount position in the marketing function without it uses company. Sales may decline customer’s need to be informed of the product or service.


        The problem faced by most organization and management of such organization are:

  • The hard realities of wring with growing multiplicity problem arising from operation cost.
  • Material Cost
  • Unskilled labour and management wet which invariable required skill and methodology procedure for solving them.

Promotion planning and inventory control therefore is of central importance to the operation assembling organization like the case of Coca Cola Depot Nigeria Limited Sokoto in order to produce to meet production target at lowest possible cost and with the greater degree of efficient planning in necessary. The success of an organization depends largely on effective materials planning base on sound supply materials forecasting.

Effective material planning leads to efficiently in production organization. Control is necessary to meet production target, also inventory control help in production planning.


This aims of this research work is to examine the advertising activities of Coca Cola Depot with a view to: –

  1. Determine the effect of advertising activities sale volume.
  2. To determine whether the expenses on advertisement are commensurable with sale performance of the company.


This research work investigate the effect of advertisement of consumer behavior with a view to address the short comings of the company’s advertisement programme by providing useful solution on how to solve them.

This research will also enable the management of Coca Cola Depot Nigeria Limited to be aware of the threats of new competitors existing in the business environment. Also to determine the accepted of the product of the consumers


This research work is meant to highlight on advertising and consumer behavior in a competitive market economy, with particular reference to Coca Cola Depot Nigeria Limited.

This research is going to cover the period or five years that is from 2010 – 2015 with focus on the expenses made on advertising, during the period. This will necessitate the use financial record available on the accounts finance department, in record of sales performance will be needed for the period under review.

The data collected from various sectors such as the management and staff of Coca Cola Depot Nigeria Limited. Retailers and consumers will form the basis of this work. This works is limited to the period under review and does put the past financial record of the organization into consideration.


This period is intended to provide answer to the following question:

  1. Hoe effective is advertising in obtaining immediate baying action from the consumers.
  2. What is the nature of your market and the type of product or services your factory offer for sale.
  • What roles does advertising play in the survival of the organization?
  1. What are the strategies used in promoting your product.


  1. To observe the activities of advertising and sales performance in the Coca Cola Depot Nigeria Limited.
  2. To identify the detail problem confronting the activities of the requirement and selecting of employees in the company.
  3. To identify other factor that contributes directly or indirectly to the success or failure of activities of Coca Cola Depot Nigeria Limited.
  4. To provide lasting solution to the problems encountered while recreating and selecting exercises is organized.
  5. To identify how marketer uses there advertising to create awareness that’s means of communication in business activities between products and middlemen and final customer.


This section is devoted to the definition of terms and concepts used in the research. This makes the work to be easy to understand: –

  1. Advertising: – Is an effective tool in influencing the consumer behaviors and consequently sales performance of an organization? Advertising can also be known as “any paid form” of non – personal presentation of company and its product, ideas or service by an identified sponsor. Advertising is common, technique for mass selling.
  2. Promotional Activities: This involve the whole process of communicating with the market, examples are personal, selling, advertising, sales promotion is incentive, gift bonus etc.
  • Public Relation: – This is likely publicity consisting of planned effort by organization to influence the behavior or another group of individual. It can be planned to persuade customers, employers and others.
  1. Publicity: – Is the news about product and companies in the firms, of additional materials e.g. press release, new items, photographs and posters etc.
  2. Retailer: – Is a merchant or vocationally on agents whose main business is on selling directly to the consumers.
  3. Committed Buyer: – They are people who believe in the superiority and satisfactory ability of a product and therefore buy that product at whatever price offered.
  • Sales Promotion: – It is defined as a controlled integration programme of communication method and material designed to present a company and its product to prospective consumers.


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