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Trafficking in children which is always a problem continues to be a subject of considerable media coverage in Nigeria. Most victims are abducted or leave home with the traffickers who promise educational opportunities or other incentives. They are taken to places in foreign and local countries.
The press has an imperatives role to play in reporting child trafficking as the fourth estate of the realm, the watch dog of the society and agenda setting machinery. The main objective was to critically examine the performance of the newspapers toward adequate coverage of child trafficking. The study made use of social responsibility theory and agenda theory to find out how the media create awareness on the ills of child trafficking. The study set out primarily at content analysing issues of Daily Sun and Vanguard newspapers on child trafficking in Nigeria for period of twelve months. Code sheet was used. Based on a system sampling technique, a sample size of 118 newspapers was selected for over
period of one year which runs two respective years of reportage (September 2007 – August 2008).
Based on the findings from the content analysed newspapers, it was discovered that the selected newspapers did not farewell in their coverage of child trafficking. Both newspapers did not give prominence to the stories reported as almost all were buried in the inside pages. Recommendations
were made based on the findings.

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