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This work is based on problems of effective service delivery in government owned establishment with particular reference to Anambra Broadcasting service (ABS) Awka.

Effective service delivery is a pre-requisite for the growth and survival of any government owned establishment. It is pertinent to know that ineffective service delivery in any government owned establishment hamper the achievement of its target objectives and growth.

        Management in many establishment especially government owned is faced with numerous problems which in turn affects the effective service delivery of such an establishment. It is therefore in the light of the forgoing that aroused my interest to embark on this research study with a view to finding out the causes, effects and suggest solutions to the problems of effective service delivery in government owned establishment with particular reference to Anambra Broadcasting Service ABS Awka.


Broadcasting cooperation has come a long way. This organisat6ion has been in existence even before the independence.  During the time of colonial masters, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe returned to Nigeria from Gold- Cost, now Ghana and he then founded the West African Pilot, which he edited.  This mass media helps to criticize the evils of colonialism and highlighted the necessity of granting independence to Nigeria. A day to independence, the Eastern Nigeria Broadcasting cooperation TV (ENBC/TV) was established. Broadcasting co-operation in general performs the same type of work in their respective organizations.  The ways by which these cooperation’s especially government owned ones can be made to perform their broadcasting function better than they are at present is the issue at stake.

        However, visit to any of the Nigeria organization will convince one of the clear lack of managerial know-how in such establishment.  Indiscipline, authoritative leadership reign supreme so much that the situation gets worst as one get to the level of the organizational policy is tends to act as a deterrent rather than facilitators of decision-making. It is on this note therefore that this research work became possible solutions to the problems associated with the effective service delivery in government owned establishment in which Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) Awka was selected as a case study.


     The problem of effective service delivery in government owned establishment has constituted a stumbling block towards the growth and efficiency in most of these organizations. Management is a field that encompasses a lot of managerial activities aimed at efficient utilization of man, material and money with a view to achieving the desired goal. 

The Anambra Broadcasting Service has been facing a lot of problems, which includes: –

  • Paucity of fund.
  • Shortage of qualified man-power
  • Insufficient or inadequate equipment.
  • Misuse or mismanagement of organization facilities in as much as there are no perfect organizations, it is still possible to improve on these effective service delivery so that the organization will be able to achieve its objectives.


        The purpose of this study is to find out the causes and effects of ineffective service delivery in government owned establishment with particular reference to Anambra Broadcasting service (ABS) Awka.  It is not only to know the problems and its effects on the service delivered by government owned establishment but was equally aimed at proffering solutions to such problems and as well make recommendation for further studies.


It is a fact that no organization no matter the adequacy of infrastructure, appropriateness of the environment-economic, social, psychological and political dimension etc that can operate successfully and meet the fundamental objectives without an efficient and effective disciplined and motivated manpower. This is because it is the workers that identify, articulate and propose to the government the necessary things required in making the organization effective.

        This study will significantly enable different organization know the best media to apply for advertisement of vacancies and method of selection and placement of staff for efficient and effective utilization of economic and human resources.  It will help to improve the relationship between senior and junior staff and their customers.

        Furthermore, if management of government owned establishment is effective, it will enhance better corporate image, which will be of good advantage to the establishment.

        Finally, students will benefit from this study, as it will serve as a source of information to them. And the management of Anambra Broadcasting Service will find the research work useful.


  1. To what extent has this organization go for training from time to time?
  2. What type of service does your establishment render mostly?
  • How would you describe the relationship between government and the management of this organization where problems of effective delivery occur?
  1. What do you think should be done to solve these problems of effective delivery in ABS Awka?


This research work is restricted to Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) Awka on the problem of effective service delivery in government owned establishment.  Its aim was to administer questionnaire to the workers, carry out investigation and conduct some interview to the workers to as to know the problems associated with proper functioning of government owned establishments.


Effectiveness: This has to do with the extent to which a manager achieves the output required of his position.

Management:  This is the process, which enable organization to achieve their objectives by planning and organizing the commitment of their employees.

Organization:  The process of grouping activities, delineating line of authority and responsibility, establishing another relationship to carryout the operation of the business efficiently.

Organizational chart: A diagrammatical representations of the formal relationship among departments and others existing in a particular organization.

Objective:        The aim or goal of a business

Decisionmaking: The activity of choosing between alternatives.

Analysis:         Process of breaking down information into smaller identification units.

Planning:         The function of management which has to do with deciding in advance what to do how to do it when to do it, who to do it and how result can be evaluated.



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