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This study examined the impact of broadcast media campaign against Breast Cancer among women in Enugu metropolis. What triggered a research in this area was the UNDP report in January 2010 that cases of breast cancer has been on the increase resulting to about 30% of death among women between 2008 and 2010.
The objective of this study were to find out the level of awareness of broadcast cancer campaign among women in Enugu metropolis, to assess the response of women in the area to the breast cancer campaign on the broadcast media, and to find out if the Nigerian broadcast media are seriously committed to fight against breast cancer. The researcher employed information innovation diffusion theory for the research. Survey research design was employed as the methodology for the study. A sample size of 1,190 was selected for the study. The research findings
revealed that whopping majority of women in Enugu metropolis are unaware of the broadcast media campaign against breast cancer. It further revealed that most women are aware of breast cancer scourge among others.

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