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Motivation can be seen as the inner drive, which prompts people to act in a way either towards achieving their personal goals or organizational goals. To a large extent, motivation is “leadership” as it involves getting the whole staff to learn to work willingly and well in the interest of the business. A leader can influence his subordinate only when they are convinced.

Conviction can only come when the entire subordinate accepts those factors that propel actions of individuals, which are referred to as motivation. They may be highly paid, prestigious titles promotion, praises, bonus, etc. The word is an abstract noun applying to the entire class of desired need wishes and similar forces.

Motivation has to do with action which results, to satisfaction closely associated with motivation is the word “miracle” it is injecting of moral and loyalty into the working team so that they will carry their duties properly and effectively with maximum economy.

Motivation is one of the most researched and discussed subject in business administration and management.

Researchers have brought to explain how and why people are motivated to behave in a manner consistent with a supportive of organizational goals.

Behavioural scientists have put forward many theories to explain in the concept of motivation. Dr. John Iboko in his book titled theory and practice of management by objective (M.B.O) Nigeria experience defined motivation as the face that focus human being action towards a chosen and for motivation to take place, there must be a felt need and goals, the accomplishment of which is expected to satisfy it.

Meanwhile people level of development, values, needs and wants varies, that is why what motivates one person may not necessarily motivate the other.

Fredrick Taylor said that people have been engaging in employment for reasons other than money. He added that a worker can be motivated if reward and penalties are attached to performance.

Modern economics depend to a large extend on motivation more than previous economics. Motivation itself has now become inseparable from modern production for good efficiency and effectiveness of organizational productive and rendering of good services to the customers by the staff can be possible with the aid of adequate motivation.

According to Okpala, he said that motivation comes from intrinsic and extrinsic factors which influence the workers to behave the way they do. The intrinsic source of motivation is the type of motivation that derive a sense of accomplishment and achievement from helping gain a competitive advantage job that are interesting and challenging load to intrinsic motivation, for this type of work motivation result from performing the job itself.

The extrinsic motivation result as a worker acquires material or social reward to avoid punishment the physical condition under such punishment will work well and light, temperature and noise reduction, different salary scale, group standard leadership etc all of this effect the employees performance.


All efforts made by the management of Suleja local government to see to it that their employees carryout their daily assignment efficiently and effectively for the organization to attain to its goals and objectives have proved abortive. This has posed a serious challenge to the organization.

The main cause of this problem is that most of the employees are not well motivated. Below is the problems, this study intends to resolve;

  1. How to create an environment, which will enable the organization to recruit, train and motivate their employees.
  2. The ways of enhancing the job of an employee’s so that they can work more efficiently and effectively.
  3. The things to do in other to reach to the satisfaction and self actualization of the employees.                   
  4. The strategies that should be taken into consideration towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization with the aid of motivating employees.


        The impact of motivation on employee’s performance cannot be over emphasized. The main purpose of this study is;  

  1. To determine their effect of motivation of the performance of employees on the Suleja local government administration.
  2. Find out whether employees are motivated and the motivational tools used.
  3. To find out effectiveness of the motivational tools used and to proffer solution to the problems.
  4. To find out the factors that is militating against the effective and efficient performance of workers of Suleja local government administration.



The effects of motivation on employee performance cannot be over emphasized. The study reveals the positive results that come out when an employee is being motivated for a particular job he or she is carrying out in the organization. This research is of great significant in the following fields, in the field of academic, it will add to all existing literature on administration. The research is very important to students in the business administration and management who have the feature aspiration to become a manager in an organization. Who will unavoidably need the knowledge on how to motivate an employee, so that the organization in which he or she is managing will be able to attain to its goals and objectives. To the organization it will enable them to enumerate the mutual techniques they will apply in other to motivate their employees so that they will be able to carry out their daily performance more effectively and efficiently.    



  1. What is the various ways of motivating an employee in the organization?
  2. Does job enrichment motivate employees?
  3. Can motivation technique affect the productivity or the service of employees’ performance effectively and efficiently?
  4. Does workers satisfaction in their performance has a significant influence on the rate of absenteeism and labour turnover?
  5. Does motivation of workers has a significant increase in organizational performance and productivity?


        The study covers the employees in Suleja local government area. The study examines how their employees carryout their daily performance, the study also involves how good their employees render their services to their customers when they are being motivated to show how fast the employees deliver product to customers urgent demand.


Productivity: It is the efficiency and the rate of producing goods effectively.  

Quantity: The number of products that are being produced whether big or small in number.

Intrinsic Factor: There are circumstantial factor surrounding the organization externally or outside the organization. 

Standard: Test or measure for qualities for the required degree of excellence.

Goal: This is the objective towards which someone strives at.

Satisfactions: A state or condition for contention.

Need: This refers to a want of something which one cannot do well without, it is necessity.

Moral: This is described as a state of individual’s attitude, judgement and feeling.


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