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This study is focused on examining the potentials of the social media in fostering democratic/participatory  culture  in  students  electioneering  campaign  amongst Theatre and  Performing  Arts  Student Association  (TAPASA)  A.B.U.  Zaria  Over  the  years different attempts  at  participatory  processes  have  been  employed  by  practitioners  to empower communities with the ability to be part of decision making in installing leaders into  positions  of  leadership,  and  to  act for themselves  in  order  to  effect social  change and attain their own development through participation in democratic process. Political systems and types of democracy at different levels and at different times in Nigeria have been  employed  in  an  attempt to  translate  Nigeria  from  a  developing  country  to  a developed country. Students who characterize the younger generation have also thrown a shot at politics at different levels, but the outcomes, are still far from the desired result.

Development expects  have  used  methods  such  as  Participatory  Learning  and  Action (PLA), Theatre for Development (TFD) and the likes to get people actively involved in democratic  politics  and  to  make  democratic  processes  a  catalyst to  reaching  true  and sustainable  development.  However  with  the  rapid  growth  in  the  usage  of  the  social media,  and  its  consequent capacity  to  facilitate  connectivity  between  numerous individual across distant boundaries, this study looks at the potential of Social media as a communication medium where  students can  easily participate in Student Association political processes at electioneering level. This will further enable student’s participation in  the  deliberative  processes  through  which  mutual  agreement towards  sustainable development could be attained. The research studies two political campaign  groups on

Facebook (shamagana justice vanguard and Emekaloveday 4 president), of two political dispensation in Theatre and Performing Arts Students Association (TAPASA) Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. 


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